• Belgium, Mons
    Scope of work: welding of pipeline and isolation
  • Belarus, Grodno
    Scope of work: Disassembly – Assembly of reformer furnace
  • Brunei, Liang
    Scope of work: Repairs

    • Pigtails
    • Manifolds/Header
  • Egypt, Alexandria, Suez
    Scope of work: repairs

    • Pigtails
    • Convection Boxes
  • Finland, Porvoo
    Scope of work: welding of Pipeline
  • Croatia, Zagreb
    Scope of work: Manufacturing
  • Indonesia, Cikarang- Bekasi
    Scope of work: Pipeline repair
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam
    Scope of work: Assembly of reformer furnace
  • Germany
    Scope of work: Plant consturction, industrial services, pipeline and Apparatus Construction, Manufacturing, Disassembly- Assembly, Steel construction, Convection Boxes
  • Oman, Falaj Al Qabail
    Scope of work: Repairs and Assembly of reformer furnace

    • Coils
    • Pigtails
    • Manifolds/Header
  • Saudi Arabia, Yanbu
    Scope of work: Assembly of reformer furnace
  • Thailand, Rayong
    Scope of work: Disassembly- Assembly of reformer furnace

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